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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.


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Expect nothing less...


than my absolute commitment to loving, experienced, and individualized care for your pet! I passionately care about each animal and its owners' peace of mind. A former long time dog owner myself, I am all too familiar with the common anxieties over having to leave my pet in someone else's care. I want to make your time away from home and your pet as worry free as possible and can assure you that I treat all animals in our care as if they were my own. As a certified dog trainer, highly experienced with all common pets and their care, and most importantly, a true animal lover, it is my promise and commitment to provide your pet with expert care, 100% guaranteed. 

Petra M. (owner of Flying Dog Pet Care)

Update: We have grown and are now a team of 3. More info coming soon!



Your Peace of Mind is Ours, Too

We are licensed, fully insured and bonded (with Petsitters Associates) and have a collective 18 years of professional experience.

Petra is fantastic and provided exactly what I needed! I contacted Flying Dog Pet Care a couple days before leaving town for a New Year's getaway, and she was very accommodating. I have two chihuahuas that have special needs and I have never left them in the care of a stranger. Being new to Seattle, I had no choice but to find a professional pet sitter. I am so glad I found this company. Petra helped me set up a regimen of in home care that worked for us. She came to my home to meet the dogs before I left, and I could tell she was knowledgable, cautious, and was able to interact with my dogs in a way that helped them to feel comfortable. They responded to her really well! That was a minor miracle because my dogs, unfortunately, are not good with new people. While I was away, she fed them, cared for them, administered medication for one of them, and kept me updated through texts. She was extremely communicative and very caring toward my dogs and their nervous personalities. I was extremely anxious about leaving them with someone new, but could not have had a better experience using a professional pet-sitting service for the first time, thanks especially to Petra's animal-loving care. If I ever have to leave Seattle without my dogs again, I will call Flying Dog Pet

Care first.


Janna L., on Jan 02, 1015 (Yelp review)


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