Dog Parks  & Walks




Get the best of your dog by

providing him with the physical and mental exercise and social time with fellow canines that are essential to

his well-being!










Trooper Freddy at the summit of

Little Si







Walks & Potty Breaks


Potty Breaks - $18


1/2 hour group walks (2 walks per week minimum) - $21

Dog Park Visits 

1 hour of running and romping with friends for your pup.


Outings stretch from 1 1/2 to 3 hours with transit time included. (The ride is part of the fun for most dogs!) A minimum of two visits per week is required for the sake of better pack cohesion which helps provide a more controlled and

safer experience.

$27 per outing (discounted rates for additional dog/s available; 2 outings per week minimum)

Seattle Parks Fun

Forest Trails and Beaches


Our favorite alternative to standard dog park visits, especially on hot and dusty summer days. 


Group size is limited to 6 dogs.


1 hour park outing - $30




Weekend Day Hike Adventures 

In the Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest 


Mountain streams and meadows, and a forest full of exciting sounds and scents... Dogs thrive on the unique stimuli only a natural outdoor environment provides! They will keep your pooch going until he is tired. Really tired. 


6 - 10 hours - $65




All walks are customizable

and include pick-up, drop-off,

and *towel-off*.


For a small additional fee, your dog will receive a bath upon return from a day hike. The latest adventure report with a picture should be the only evidence that your dog has been to the great outdoors. That and perhaps your pooch's content snoring.


Let's get to know each other and exchange all pertinent information before you decide! 

First-time consultations are free!

In-Home Care




We will come to your home to take care of your pet's needs, whether you need us to take your pooch for a potty break, replenish the water bowl and feed your furry pal, collect your hens' eggs, or check in to make sure kitty didn't get into an inadvertent tangle with the curtain.


We're also happy to bring in the mail and rotate lights and blinds, or water your plants while you're away.

Starting at $18


Overnight Stays

No need to worry about the sometimes concerning levels of exposure to disease, noise, and even aggression you might encounter in large daycare and kennel facilities. With us your dog will be part of a small pack of 4 - 6 dogs. All-day activities include park outings, leashed walks, backyard tomfoolery (with indoor access on cold and/or messy days), as well as time to rest and cuddle as your dog sees fit.

Boarding (current clients only) - $75

We provide a home away from home in a calm and fun-filled environment. Your dog is treated as family and will get to join in the daily happenings in any way possible. On weekends, this routinely entails an hour+ long walk through one of our gorgeous parks, or, at the very least, two half hour walks per day - as well as catching the occasional bread crumb under the dining table. On that note: Diet restrictions are carefully considered. We believe that

healthy nutrition = happy pooches!

  • A $25 fee applies if you wish to check in before 4pm and/or check out after 12pm. 


  • An additional night will be charged after 4pm.


  • For puppies under the age of 9 months an additional fee of $15/day applies. Please note that dog must be crate trained if s/he isn't house broken. I am unable to host adult dogs who have a habit of going potty indoors, even occasionally. Word gets around quickly among my other house guest...









Homeboys Ginger and Grady




Overnight Sitting (in your home) - $87/night


Have a pet who is happiest at home? No problem! We will provide the needed TLC, exercise, and also a watchful eye on your home while you're away. We keep your fuzzy buddy company through the night and cover midday potty needs as well. A morning and evening walk of 30 minutes each is included.

Please inquire for additional walk needs.

And More


Basic Obedience


We firmly believe in the importance

of supporting your relationship with your dog by providing positive reinforcement that is as consistent as possible with your own training approach, whenever we spend

time with your dog and at no additional cost. Consistency

avoids unnecessary confusion and helps develop and reinforce desirable behaviors. 


Specific training needs* may be integrated into other scheduled services starting at


$20 per visit


Several short sessions with time for play and exercise will keep training fun and effective. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach but understand that each dog has individual needs. We embrace creative challenges and have the needed patience and positive attitude to help your pup succeed.

*We are sorry, this service is unavailable until further notice.

Medication Administration

Your pets will receive the medication they need at no additional cost for basic administration.  

Care for Livestock

Goats, chickens, ducks... We love them all and are familiar with their specific needs.

(Visit rates apply) 



Additional Fees


$2 for services outside a 1 mile radius from Wallingford

and Green Lake. 

$18 surcharge for:

  • Visits scheduled before 9 am or after 5pm.

  • For weekend/holiday walks and visits.

  • Holiday boarding

Cancellation Policy

For a single service (e.g. walk/potty break): 

48 hour notice to receive full refund  

24 hours notice to receive 50% refund

Overnight stays and extended sits/visits: 

Cancellations made later than 14 days prior to service begin may be charged 50% of service fee.

Cancellations made later than 7 days prior to service begin may be charged in full.


Regularly recurring services:


To discontinue or pause for an extended time period a 2 week notice is required.

Shuttle Service - starting at $15

Free pick-up and drop-off for overnight stays of 2 nights or more.

Available for Wallingford, Greenlake, and Greenwood area, upon request.

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